Welcome to the website of the Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management at ESCP Europe! The goal of our facility is to deepen the understanding of intercultural and diversity-related issues in organisations and to translate these scientific insights into practice.


In the 1980s, the American economist and Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt popularised the term ‘globalisation’ by writing an article about emerging global markets and the advantages of standardised consumer products. More than thirty years later, this very phenomenon – globalisation – has had profound effects on business operations across the globe and the international integration of companies has made the concept of culture highly relevant to organisations and managers.

Nowadays, global managers have to take account of regional or country-specific cultural characteristics, as neglecting these social peculiarities might result ultimately in failed business strategies and economic loss. At the same time, the workforce has grown increasingly diverse and leaders have to work with people from countries other than their own. In order to navigate successfully the challenges associated with these developments, managers and organisations have to acquire a comprehensive intercultural understanding.

The Excellence Center for Intercultural Management aims at supporting these needs by helping students and professionals develop their intercultural competences. We offer innovative learning formats that enable individuals to become culturally competent global leaders. In addition, we conduct high-profile academic- and practice-oriented research projects in the field of intercultural management, by collaborating with a large network of academics and organisations.


We offer a variety of educational programmes that address the role and the potential of diversity and culture in organisations.


We offer expertise to organisations and help them cope with the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce.


We are building a large network of partners working in the field of intercultural management and diversity.

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